Since my childhood I was Facinas the challenges of the man with the physical and natural laws. All feats where a person actually or apparently break the laws of mortal life left me very excited. Perhaps why resolvi Artistic Gymnastics practice for many years and I also moved both the circus shows.

However, my life has never been a culture circus, that quality has changed dramatically since 1999 with the help of some friend of UNICAMP, particularly Rafael Madureira and John

With these people began to practice stilt and slowly got me interested in the expanding world of the circus and my almost non-existent crop for this part of the artistic world.

After seeing many videos, read quite realized that I could really do something about the world of the circus and that this may be an alternative or another chance, to follow with my great illusion of life: being an artist. When I was a dreamer and now back to more than ever.

So, same as in other opportunities, I began dedicarme much, and thanks to my ability to perform complex tasks with the body quickly learned to walk and perform some tricks with the stilt, tasks to quickly match my basic acrobatics and that was starting my circus training.

Brincando de malabares (leg)

Brincando de malabares (leg)

In this moment of my life I have already cited the friends start to the group Echasse, name meaning Perna de Pau in France, which in a few months made several presentations by the interior of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and immediately followed the Group Gymnastics Unicamp (GGU) for a brief tour of Argentina and Chile. The following year I had to leave to go to Spain Echasse develop my doctoral project.

When I arrived in Spain I met a great juggler (Xavier de Blas) and slowly began to train together in INEFC Lleida. In long, a few months after me and Xavi who had also left a company of Barcelona in this circus of a casting call from a company that Cremallera just been founded in Arbeca (Lleida – Spain) fruit of the division of a company before.

Since May 2000 I acted for the Theater Cremallera and other Spanish companies and free-lance with an average of 50 shows per year, of course while developing my academic research and teaching. Some of the shows and companies that work can be seen in Curriculum.

Also for my life within the world of circus in addition to spectacles, the last 3 years I have developed many techniques for the Circus of courses, especially malabares, stilt, acrobatics in different places (Brazil, Spain, France) and for different public (school teachers, artists in training, and the general public). Some of the documents that were prepared for these courses are available in session Documents

My latest adventures as a teacher of circus techniques, particularly in acrobatics, has been in Rogeli Rivel Circus School (Escola de Circo de Barcelona) (pictured below) which often substitute teachers who hold this type both in regular courses as intensive.